How to Make Boba Guys Strawberry Matcha Latte

Boba is a rapidly expanding beverage craze in America that started out in Taiwanese tea cafes. It has now swept the nation and is rising quickly in popularity.

In conclusion, tapioca-based boba is traditionally the little, chewy black balls you see at the bottom of the beverage.

The tea restaurant known as Boba Guys capitalised on the boba fad by specialising on tea beverages. They have sites in New York, Los Angeles, and the San Francisco Bay Area.

They recently released their Strawberry Matcha Latte Recipe from their book, which has gone viral online.

Tools required to make Boba Guys Strawberry Matcha Latte

The Strawberry Matcha Latte recipe from Boba Guy is simple to follow. However, there are a few items we advise using to prepare this beverage:

  • High quality matcha

It is more of an essential ingredient than a tool. Matcha powder is widely available, however it comes in a variety of grades and levels of quality. Matcha powder and green tea powder are not the same thing.

Matcha comes in two different grades: ceremonial grade and culinary grade. Ceremonial grade is regarded as “Premium” and of the finest quality; it should be consumed alone and undisturbed.

Therefore, we advise buying “Culinary grade” matcha powder for our application needs.

  • Blender

You’ll need a blender to purée the strawberries into a chunky consistency to make the strawberry puree.

  • Chasen: bamboo matcha whisk

Matcha is traditionally prepared using a special bamboo whisk (chasen), which introduces a lot of air to assist froth up the beverage while mixing the matcha powder and water.

It is rumoured that this technique significantly aids in the release of the essence and perfume in the foam on the surface. You can simply use a standard whisk if you don’t have a matcha whisk.

How to make this drink: Tips & Tricks

The matcha, milk, and strawberry puree layers must stay separate for this drink to turn out well on Instagram. Here are some advice we have for producing this drink:

To dissolve the matcha powder, use hot water

No one wants to taste bitter matcha powder chunks in their beverage!

To ensure there are no clumps and that the matcha powder is completely dissolved, use boiling water and whisk vigorously.

Pack a lot of ice

Pouring the milk and matcha onto the ice slowly and delicately is one of the essential tips for getting those distinct layers in the drink.

When you first make this drink, the ice actually prevents the milk and matcha from mixing into one another by slowing down the milk and matcha from hitting the layer beneath it.

Make sure your strawberry puree is a little chunky                                                   

This is more of a liking for texture. We’ve discovered that if you don’t puree your strawberries all the way, you’ll get a wonderful strawberry chunky texture for a flash of sweetness at the bottom of your drink.

You can completely purée it if you don’t like the texture.


  • Prepare the strawberry puree first. Strawberries, sugar, and water should all be combined in a blender and blended until smooth but still slightly lumpy.

Although this recipe yields 3 cups of strawberry puree, only 1/3 cup is required for the strawberry mtacha latte. Keep the remaining puree in the refrigerator; it will keep for approximately a week.

  • In order for the strawberry’s sweetness to fully develop, I advise letting the strawberry puree chill in the refrigerator for about an hour before using.
  • Add 1 tbsp. of boiling water to a bowl with the matcha powder. Vigorously whisk to create a paste. Thickness is the desired consistency. Then, add the final 2 12 tbsp of hot water and vigorously whisk until any clumps are gone.
  • Place your strawberry puree in your preferred tall glass.
  • Add the milk last, then the ice. To avoid pouring too rapidly or right to the glass’s bottom, try to slowly pour the milk onto the ice cubes so that it slowly falls down to your strawberry puree.
  • To keep the layers well separated, slowly pour the matcha over the ice milk, aiming for the ice cubes once again. Serve right away.


Matcha powder, strawberries, and milk are combined to create the lovely layered beverage known as a strawberry matcha latte. This was influenced by the Strawberry Matcha Latte from the well-known boba tea shop Boba Guys.

For a quick and cool beverage, just add ice and boba. You’ll adore this beverage if you enjoy strawberries and matcha green tea.

It’s loaded with luscious, juicy strawberries and matcha green tea’s delicately grassy flavour. Best of all, it takes only five minutes to prepare.