Does Coffee Stain Your Teeth

Did you know that, after water, coffee is the most consumed beverage worldwide? Millions of people drink coffee every day all over the world. Due to its widespread use, many coffee drinkers are surprised to hear that it stains teeth. Sadly, it’s accurate. The tannins included in coffee have the potential to discolour your teeth and dramatically dull your smile.

How Come Coffee Discolours My Teeth?

While the human body’s toughest material is the coating on your teeth, it does include very small pores. Coffee’s tannins enter into your pores when you consume it, leaving behind dark stains. Coffee’s acidity can eventually erode away the enamel, causing further stains. Red wine and black tea are two more drinks with tooth-staining tannins.

But there is some good news as well. Coffee is not the worst option for an early-morning wake-me-up because it is less acidic that some other beverages, such as soft drinks and certain fruit juices. Additionally, it is loaded with antioxidants, which have a wealth of health advantages, including preventing gum disease and strengthening teeth.

Does Coffee Cause Teeth Stains?

How may coffee teeth stains be avoided? Everyone’s major concern is this. Normal morning rituals include a cup of robust coffee. Despite the fact that there are many coffee drinkers, coffee is actually quite acidic and includes tannins.

The hardest component of the tooth is the enamel, which weakens when exposed to coffee’s acidic qualities and creates yellow stains on the teeth. Extra coffee consumption can have negative impacts on teeth, which is highly bad for your health and your teeth.

How long does coffee take to discolour teeth? is a common question. The answer to your inquiry is that it will discolour your teeth if you consistently drink two cups of coffee with taking a break. Acids from the stomach and those you drink combine to destroy the enamel on your teeth.

While adding cream to coffee does minimise tooth stains, it also causes teeth to yellow for an extended amount of time.

Removing stains from coffee

If you enjoy coffee, do not be alarmed. Occasionally, coffee stains can be removed by the dentist during a yearly cleaning. Therefore, be careful to make routine appointments.

Home cures can also be used in addition to professional cleaning. For instance, twice a month, brushing your teeth using baking soda might further whiten your teeth.

By regularly using whitening toothpastes or whitening strips, you can also lessen coffee stains. Options include Crest 3D Whitening or Arm & Hammer AdvanceWhite. Use teeth whitening solutions only that have the American Dental Association (ADA) Mark of Acceptance.

Getting Rid of Coffee Stains on Your Teeth

Let’s now examine how to prevent staining from coffee on teeth.

  • Limit Your Consumption

Consider lowering your intake rather than continuously exposing your teeth to the tannins in two to three cups of java each day. If you must drink coffee in the morning, consider switching to green teas for a midday pick-me-up. Avoid black tea and colas since they both contain tannins that can discolour teeth.

  • Enjoy iced coffee with a straw

Coffee is frequently consumed with a straw to avoid the front teeth, which minimises tannin contact with the enamel. Less contact results in less stains!

  • After a cup of coffee, sip some water

After drinking coffee, rinse your mouth with water to remove the tannins and lessen the staining impact.

  • Limit or avoid using cream and sugar

While sugar and cream may make your coffee look lighter, they don’t actually lessen the tannins that cause stains on teeth. Additionally, the sugar in bananas feeds oral germs, which can potentially discolour skin.

  • 30 minutes after consuming coffee, brush your teeth

If you brush your teeth for thirty minutes after drinking coffee, the tannins are still scrubbed away but the teeth have a chance to regenerate minerals after being exposed to the acid. Along with brushing the teeth twice a day, you should also floss once a day to get rid of the germs and plaque that can increase coffee stains on your teeth.

  • Apples or celery are good snacks

Grab an apple and a celery stick if you are unable to wash your teeth. The fibre in these crunchy snacks has a scouring effect that eliminates plaque, tannins, and additional particles in addition to increasing saliva production and providing plenty of water to rinse your teeth.


While drinking black coffee has some benefits for your teeth, drinking coffee with a lot of sugar and other sweets can have the exact opposite impact. And while drinking enough coffee over time may eventually cause your teeth to get stained, most stains can be eliminated or at least diminished with simple dental procedures.