Best Low Acid Coffee Brands

Coffee that has been specially brew to have less acidity is known as low-acid coffee. In the end, acid-free coffee is just about possible. Like decaffeinated coffee, which always contains some caffeine.

But compared to conventional or high-acid coffee, low-acid coffee brands taste smoother. Low-acid coffees are softer on the stomach, making them suitable for people who are sensitive to chlorogenic acid, heartburn, and related conditions.

What qualities should you seek for in a low-acid coffee?

There are a few things to consider while selecting a coffee that is stomach-friendly:

  • The roast

Did you know that all dark roasts have less acid than any light roast? Compared to lighter roasts, it also contains a little less caffeine.

  • The beans

 Arabica beans have a less acidic taste than Robusta beans; the medium roast has less dark roast and tends to be less acidic than light roasts.

  • The origin

Compared to coffees from other locations, those from Central America and Ethiopia often have less acidity.

The method of brewing

Cold brewing naturally produces coffee with less acidity than hot brewed coffee; brew for a reasonable amount of time. French presses or Chemex can be used to reduce acidity, keeping the level low.

Longer brewing durations may result in less acidity. Only consume freshly brewed coffee. A cup of coffee releases more quinic acid over time, which might irritate people with sensitive stomachs.

We’ll make sure to assist you in finding the person you’ll adore. Dark Roast is our preferred and least acidic coffee. The business is known as “Lifeboost.” It is manufactured with Arabica beans that are naturally mild in acid to produce coffee that falls somewhere between light and dark roasts.

If you are experiencing stomach issues, Lifeboost coffee can be drank without compromising on taste or quality.

Volcanica Coffee’s Low-Acid Coffee Blend

The best low-acid blend we’ve discovered is called Volcanica. This whole-bean coffee was nearly our top pick, but a few factors prevented us from doing so. Volcanica excels in every respect.

While giving a lovely flavour that is gentle on the stomach, it keeps that caffeine kick. It contains whole Indonesian and Brazilian beans that are naturally low in acid.

For the money, we think it offers outstanding value. Why then didn’t we choose this as the best? Although keeping it in an airtight container can help it last longer, it won’t stop it from going bad.

For the most intense flavour, choose speciality beans and grind them before using. You need not be concerned if you don’t mind a small discrepancy.

Volcanica coffee, or Komodo Dragon Coffee

Anyone looking for low-acid coffee from a premier coffee-growing region who doesn’t want to spend a lot of money should consider this product. However, Volcanica coffee isn’t just their own mix.

If you felt that there were still too many low-acid options available, this premium company would provide more. Komodo Dragon Coffee, for instance, serves as a wonderful reminder of what low-acid coffees are capable of.

Komodo The world’s largest reptiles are called dragons. Two islands close to Indonesia are Komodo and Flores. On Komodo, where the dragons reside, there is a lot of fertile volcanic soil.

Coffee beans are grown by Volcanica on the island. The beans are less acidic, wet-hull processed, medium-roasted, and have a flowery, chocolatey, and woodsy flavour profile. The aftertaste is quite excellent.

Medium-Roast Bulletproof Coffee

The Bulletproof Premium Medium Roast was one of our top ten medium roasts, but due to its high price, it was unable to contend for the top spot. Another choice that provides the necessities is this one.

Small quantities of low-acid Arabica beans are used in its preparation. The coffee has a fantastic flavour without losing any of the “oomph” that caffeine gives.

As a result, the coffee is delicious and has a low acidity. However, it costs more than our top recommendations without providing a higher level of quality.

Although it’s a wonderful coffee, the price should only be paid for exceptional coffee. That was sufficient for us to move it to our fourth position.

Lifeboost Organic Medium Roast Coffee

A modest family business is located on a solitary 6-acre farm in the Nicaraguan Highlands, which is 5700 feet above sea level.

The waters are rich in natural minerals, the soil is practically unspoiled, and here, beneath the shade of huge guava trees, a beautiful, top-shelf gourmet coffee thrives. Local farmers are happy to assist in harvesting the coffee plants.

The beans are sun-dried after being washed in spring water devoid of chemicals. This low-acid coffee, with a pH of only 6.0, will be enjoyable for you because it won’t give you any unpleasant side effects.


Finally, we recommend Mommee Coffee’s Low-Acid Decaf if you’re seeking for a low-acid decaf. Although it was created for expectant mothers, we believe it is appropriate for everyone. Just be mindful of the price.

The choices discussed in this article are some of the best coffee beans on the market and are great for specific groups of coffee drinkers.

However, Volcanica Coffee’s Low Acid Blend is the way to go if you want an all-around appeaser with low acid and superb taste. The variety of roasts demonstrates their faith in the flavour and quality of the beans.